Center for Internationalisation of Education recap the National Session in Bergen 2015

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Cultural Diversity in Youth Organizations

One of our new alumni, Ingrid Haahjem, has written an article which was posted on MONDÅ's website. Go Check it out here.

MONDÅ and the Mastermind Behind it

A pleasantly unusual presentation’ is how someone could describe the lecture Julien S. Bourrelle gave at the General Assembly of EYP Norway. Talking about the social aspect of Norwegian society, it is safe to say that all Norwegians in the room could identify with Bourrelle’s descriptions.

Nina Shares her Journo Experiences

 Being a Journo at the 14th NSC of EYP Turkey

Call for Officials at the 12th National Session

12th Norwegian National Selection Conference
Lillehammer 2014
EYP Norway is proud and immeasurably happy to announce the Call for Officials to the 12th Norw

Bergen 2015

 The 13th National Selection Conference in Bergen

En opdatering fra Nasjonalkomiteen

I januar 2014 avholdt Nasjonalkomiteen i EYP Norge sitt første møtet av året. 
Vi diskuterte blant annet neste års nasjonalsesjon som skal finne sted på Lillehammer.

The call for RS Bergen 2014 is here

National Selection Conference, Lillehammer 2013