Who are we

The European Youth Parliament Norway is a youth-led organisation that organises debating conferences in English for high school students in Norway. Our events offer spaces for cultural exchange and political dialogue and revolve about competence rather than competition. The European Youth Parliament provides young people with a forum to develop and express their opinions, as well as get equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to positively impact the world around them. We work to promote intercultural understanding, constructive dialogue, and creative problem-solving.

Upcoming events

We organise various EYP conferences every year. The next event is Trondheim 2024, the 22nd National Selection Conference! The event will be held from the 10th-13th of September 2024 in Norway’s capitol of knowledge and technology, Trondheim!

Trondheim 2024

Trondheim is a hub for technology and creation, which has enabled the development of sustainable solutions in various sectors, such as clean energy, green technology, and smart city initiatives. Therefore, the EU as a capacious community must cooperate to solve the complexities that will impact our future as one. Importantly, youths from all over the EU will have a pivotal role when it comes to developing modern solutions, while also maintaining EUs core values.

As such, the theme for the session is to ask: How can we strengthen social and cultural life, while also encouraging people for a green change? In addition, this will be an art of balance for which will need new developments and contemporary solutions for the desired result. In order to accomplish these ideal purposes on a global extent we must start at a national level. We strongly believe that youths from all over Europe with unique aspirations, and eccentric ideas can lead towards sustainable, cultural and social structures in a progressive and favorable way.

Past events

EYP Norway has been organising youth conferences for over 20 years! In 2023, EYP Norway hosted the 98th International Session of the European Youth Parliament.

Tromsø 2023

Tromsø 2023 was a unique youth conference, gathering 300 young Europeans in Tromsø, Norway in March 2023. The conference explored the arctic region and sustainable solutions and innovation, exchanged ideas in the name on international cooperation, and experienced indigenous Saami culture in a centre for cultural prosperity.

By introducing young Europe to the Arctic region we fostered democratic engagement, innovation, sustainability, tolerance and cooperation on the regional and European level.