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To run a Regional Board

In EYP Norway we have active local branches in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Rogaland and Kristiansand. These are run by Regional boards consisting of local EYPers, where the Regional Boards’ main responsibility is to arrange regular events and promote engagement within our organisation in that area. Most of the members of the local branches have previously been participants at our sessions, but it is not a criterion for joining the meetings in our local branches.

In order to establish a new local branch several conditions need to be filled:

  1. At least two members of EYPNAA who live or are registered with an address in the same county (fylke) or smaller geographical area, needs to wish to establish a new local branch.
  2. There is not already an existing local branch in that area, or the already existing local branch agree to it.
  3. There is arranged an establishment meeting where statues regarding elections, the different positions on the board and the rules for dissolution of the local branch are decided upon.

The main purposes of the local branches are to be a social arena for members of EYPNAA and a way for the members to share experiences as well as doing some academic work. Furthermore, the local branch is a resource for the regional sessions held in that area and work towards increasing the engagement and interest for our organisation.

The local branches can arrange events as they would like. However, if they are representing EYPNAA externally (ex. in contact with schools) they need to keep the national board of EYPNAA updated. If the local branch wishes to arrange an event like that, a request can be sent to the national board.

For questions regarding how to run a regional board, please contact us by e-mail at: