Since 1987, over 200,000 young people have participated in the activities of the European Youth Parliament and have contributed to a pluralistic, democratic society, fostering peaceful collaboration across Europe. We are continuing our efforts to build up the EYP’s ever-growing alumni network. In 2017, the European Youth Parliament celebrated its 30th anniversary during the International Session in Brno, the Czech Republic. This event was a starting point for the kick-off of the Alumni Initiative, which has a steering group of former EYPers who are now experienced professionals across all sectors of society.

For alumni-related questions, please contact Helena Nepp at

Aims of the Alumni Initiative

Return to the EYP as a place to exercise active citizenship

Give back to the EYP

Reconnect with friends and revive the EYP spirit

What We Do

Mentorship programme

This programme provides the alumni of the network with a chance to contribute to the personal development of our current EYP participants. The aim is to bring together young EYPers who are beginning their professional careers with EYP alumni who are already experienced and can share their expertise with the current EYP generation. All in all, two rounds of the mentorship programme have been carried out so far with nearly 70 people involved in total. The next call for applications will be opened in September 2019.

Alumni Crowdfunding

To strengthen cross-generational solidarity in the EYP, this scheme has been developed to support current members. Thanks to the first EYP’s alumni crowdfunding campaign carried out last year, we have raised approx. 1,000 euros to support EYP members. This support has helped us to strengthen inclusivity in the EYP, as well as support the development of the EYP’s member organisations. Future donors can support current EYP members here.

Alumni Reunions

Every year, EYP Alumni have a chance to reunite during the international alumni reunion. In 2019, the reunion will happen alongside the 91st International Session of the EYP, giving our alumni the opportunity to see and experience an IS first-hand, gain insights in how the EYP has developed since their time as participants, listen to high-profile speakers, as well as meet with old and new friends. If you are EYP Alumni and would like to attend, please RSVP via this form.

Happy Hours

Worldwide alumni get-togethers (called “Happy Hours”) are informal reunion events for all former EYPers and are organised by alumni EYPers in their cities. Two rounds of alumni happy hours take place every year. 16 cities have been involved so far, uniting alumni EYPers from Washington D.C. to Moscow. The next round is planned for the festive season in winter 2019.

Alumni Newsletter

We are very happy to stay in touch with our alumni and to actively cultivate the EYP network. Let us know by writing a short message at if you would like to subscribe to EYP alumni newsletter.