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  • Days left until Tromsø 2023: 98th International Session of EYP

  • Apply to the National Selection Conference 2022 (For Schools)

    This year’s National Selection Conference will take place in Oslo. We want to approach Oslo as Norway’s multicultural capital, where people from different backgrounds have lived closely together for a long time and have had a hand in the development of the city we see today. Oslo 2022 will be primarily preoccupied with people, their…

  • Action Planen

    Vi i styret er stolte over å presentere Actionen planen for perioden 2022! Her kan dere medlemmer se hvilke konkrete mål vi i styret sikter på å gjennomføre over perioden. Slik blir vårt arbeid mer strukturert rundt noen hovedmål, enn det har vært tidligere år. Vi gleder oss til å jobbe mot disse målene!

  • Personvernerklæring

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  • (Proposal) National Strategy 2022-2026

    Attached you will find the proposal for a the new national strategy

  • Møtereferat NK Januarmøtet 2021

  • APPLY to the National Selection Conference 2021 (for schools)

    This year’s National Selection Conference will take place in Bergen. Bergen is a city with endless possibilities! The session will take place in a city with a rich cultural life surrounded by beautiful nature, and with a goal of going fossil-free by 2050. The desire for change is present, but the path is not yet…

  • Guidelines for membership in EYP Norway

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  • Statutes for EYPNAA (Updated September 2020)

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    Would you like to run for the board of EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) for 2021 or as the alumni representative for the National Committee (NC) 2021-22? We’re looking for candidates who would want to be a part of next year’s national board of EYPNAA as well as a new alumni representative for our National…

  • DIKU: Søk om å delta på EYP Norges Nasjonale konferanse

    Are you a teacher or a student who wants your school to send a delegation to EYP Norway’s Annual Selection Conference –Stavanger 2020 – 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway? Make sure to get in touch with the teacher who is responsible for EYP at your school and make them send in an application…

  • Regional Session in Kristiansand 19-20.03.2020 cancelled due to the spread of covid-19

    The board of EYPNAA is sad to inform that the 24th Regional Session of EYP Norway – Kristiansand 2020, taking place from the 19th to the 20th of March, has been cancelled. Due to the rapid development of the covid-19 virus and the new restrictions set in place by the Norwegian government on the 12th…