DIKU: Søk om å delta på EYP Norges Nasjonale konferanse

Are you a teacher or a student who wants your school to send a delegation to EYP Norway’s Annual Selection Conference –Stavanger 2020 – 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway?

Make sure to get in touch with the teacher who is responsible for EYP at your school and make them send in an application to participate at our National Selection Conference, which will take place in Stavanger from the 9th to the 11th of September! The conference will host 33 different delegations, consiting of one teacher and three students each. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about political decision-making, Europe and international cooperation in practice.

Follow this link to find out how to apply and be sure to send in your school’s application to headorganisers@eyp.no before the 1st of April.

We hope to see you in Stavanger!