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What is EYP?

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an international youth organisation working to increase the awareness and knowledge about European politics and cooperation for students at High School level (Videregående skole). We consider ourselves to be an “alternative educational programme” wishing to make room for debates, engagement and empowerment for the young generations of today, through informal education.

Not only is EYP a great way to take part in group work and hold presentations for a larger audience, it is also possible to take part in different of our events all across Europe, where all of our sessions follow the same structure.

The different type of sessions we arrange are:

One-day sessions: A shorter version of a session and allows the students to get familiar with the concept of EYP.

Regional sessions: A session gathering students from one region of the country and usually lasts for 1-2 days.

National sessions: In September each year a National session is held somewhere in Norway, gathering school delegations from all over the country as well as some from abroad. This session usually lasts for 3 days. This session is not only a learning platform, but also selection conference, meaning that several delegations are selected to represent EYP Norway internationally at an International session.

International sessions: A session arranged by one of the member countries of EYP International where around 300 participants from all over Europe are gathered for around a week to represent their country.

As a teacher at our national session you will be offered to take part in an alternative program while the students are participating at the session. We wish to spread knowledge of our organisation, where we believe you as teachers are great examples for the students and can carry forward knowledge and understanding of the importance of internationalised education. Therefore, during the national session we use this opportunity to share experiences among the teacher representatives present.

If you have any question, please send an e-mail to: