If you’ve participated in a Regional or National Session of EYP Norway, we would love to have you as a Member of EYPNAA!

Our sessions are organised by the non-profit organisation European Youth Parliament Norway Alumni Association, or EYPNAA. We are always in the middle of planning our next sessions and other events, and here you can join in on our work.

Membership benefits

Become an Official

Members of EYPNAA can participate at National and Regional Sessions as officials, which means they participate as organisers, members of the media team (Journalists, Editorial Assistants and Editors) and Chairpersons. As we have a limited number of spots for officials, members of EYPNAA will be prioritized in front of other Norwegians when the spots fill up.

Stay up to date

As a Member, you will also receive frequent information about what is happening in EYP Norway locally and nationally, as well as information about sessions abroad and how to apply to them. Every year we have many members who travel abroad to countries all over Europe to participate in sessions. The board of EYPNAA, as well as regional boards, are more than happy to help you with your application if you want.


As a Member of EYPNAA, you also gain voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This way you gain direct influence on the organisation’s direction and goals. The AGM is the organisation’s highest democratic organ and is what lays down the way forward for the organisation in the following year. Join and you can help shape our organisation.


Some may think they can’t be Members as they’ll spend a year in the military, at Folkehøgskole or something similar. This does not need to be a limit to Membership. It is up to you how active you want to be, which also mirrors how the organisation is today. We have Members who work daily with EYP through the national board, the regional boards and project groups, while others only participate during sessions, while a last group is more passive in their activity. Many of these studies and work all over Norway and abroad.

As you can see, there are no limits on where you live for you to be a Member or be active in the organisation. This means that you yourself can decide what kind of membership fits you the best. And as you already know – things change. This means that your activity level can change from year to year and from month to month.

Register now!

If you feel like this is an organisation you want to join, the easiest way to start your engagement is by paying the Membership fee of 50 NOK. In accordance with our statutes, membership in EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) is open for everyone who (translated):

i.represented Norway at an event approved by the organisation. This could, for example, be one of our National or Regional Sessions.

ii. represented another country at an International Session of EYP, but is currently residing in Norway, or,

iii. had their individual application approved by the board of EYPNAA.

The membership contribution is 50 NOK per year, and the payment will reoccur every year until you cancel your membership. Members will automatically be added to our emailing-list with our bi-montly newsletter, will be be prioritized when applying to one of our sessions, able to vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and will be able to apply for travel reimbursement for attending EYP Sessions and Trainings in Norway and abroad.

If you would like to become an official member of EYPNAA and fulfill either subclause i. or ii., all that is needed is to fill out the short form on the right. We kindly ask that you remember to include your full name in the box titled “melding”. Membership is primarily bought through PayPal. By filling in the form under you will be redirected to our payment-site. If you’re experiencing problems with registration or payment, or have other questions regarding membership, contact us at

If you do not fulfill subclause i. or ii., but still wish to be a member of EYPNAA, you will need to send in an individual application. This application is sent through this form and will be considered by the board of EYPNAA, after which our decision will be sent via email. We ask that you do not pay the membership fee until you have heard back from us regarding your application. Please note that this way of obtaining membership is only open for those residing in Norway who have not participated in one of our sessions.