Regional Session in Kristiansand 19-20.03.2020 cancelled due to the spread of covid-19

The board of EYPNAA is sad to inform that the 24th Regional Session of EYP Norway – Kristiansand 2020, taking place from the 19th to the 20th of March, has been cancelled. Due to the rapid development of the covid-19 virus and the new restrictions set in place by the Norwegian government on the 12th of March 2020, hosting this event would no longer be possible.  

We are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience this brings to our participants and sincerely hope that another session will be taking place in this area when the conditions are back to normal.  

We would like to bring our deepest appreciations to all the officials that have been working on this project for months and to the dedication and hard work put into the arrangement of this session. An extra “thank you” goes to the Head Organisers, Marte Lynne and Maren Gude, who have been very invested in this project from day one, as well as the Academic Board, Marlene Karstensen, Njål Eirik Hole Mikalsen and Henning Undheim, and the Editor, Hilde Vik Dale.

If you have any questions regarding the session please do not hesitate to get in touch with the President of EYPNAA, Eva Thorshaug ( or +4746768775), or the Head Organisers of the session, Marte Lynne ( and Maren Gude ( 


The Board of EYPNAA

PS. The official document can be found here: Cancellation of Kristiansand RS 2020