Run for the board of EYPNAA 2020!

Would you like to run for the board of EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) for 2020?

We’re looking for candidates who would want to be a part of next years board, where the election will take place 14th of September, right after Oslo 2019, during our Annual General Meeting.

To show you’re interested in running, fill out this form

The nominating committee, the committee responsible for nominating potential candidates for the different positions will consist of:

  • Einar Stefánsson, former Head Organiser of the National Session and other sessions of EYP Norway
  • Johan Martin Emberland Johnsen, former head organiser of the National Session
  • Marthe Wedøe, current Head of Communication
  • Liv Marie Rønhovde, current president of EYPNAA and leader of the nominating committee.

For information about the different positions, take a look at this document

The deadline to apply is 15th of August, 23:59!

Do not hesitate to apply or ask questions to any of the nominating committee members or current board members. They can all be reached through Facebook or through the email