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The National Session

The annual National Selection Conference of EYP Norway is held in September every year and is a 3-days long event. The session follows the same structure as an International Session, but within a shorter timeframe. This years National Session is organised by Njål Eirik Mikalsen and Marte Elisabeth Lynne, and will take place in Bergen from the 8th to the 10th of September.

Bergen is a city with endless possibilities! The session will take place in a city with a rich cultural life surrounded by beautiful nature, and with a goal of going fossil-free by 2050. The desire for change is present, but the path is not yet paved. Bergen has the potential to become a leading city when it comes to the development of innovative resources. If Norway is to reach its climate goals to cut emissions by 55% in 2030, we have to drastically change the way we live. We believe that we will be able to reach these goals if the youth’s voices are heard. By utilising the resources we already have around us in new and different ways, we can make it. We therefore wish to focus on creativity and innovation during the whole session, because without breaking with our current thought patterns, we will not find solutions for the future.

At the session, delegates are represented by different schools through school delegations. Each school is responsible for selecting their delegation, where diversity and geographical variation is highly valued. The session is not only an informal learning arena, but also a Selection Conference, where 4 schools are selected to represent EYP Norway internationally during the upcoming year. More information about the structure of a session can be found under the “What is a session” rubric on this webpage.

Are you interested in participating in this years National Session? We send out invitations to all high schools (videregående skoler) in Norway on how to sign up, so get in touch with your school about more information on how you can represent your school at the National Session.