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What We Do

What We Do


Through a wide range of non-formal and peer-led activities, the European Youth Parliament provides young people with spaces to develop opinions on current topics, build intercultural understanding and friendships across borders, as well as learn skills to positively shape the world around them. 30,000 young people take part in more than 500 EYP events organised in 40 countries across Europe every year, contributing to a vibrant network of young changemakers.

[qode_image_with_icon_and_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-users” icon_size=”qode-icon-tiny” custom_icon_size=”25″ title_tag=”h2″ image=”26661″ title=”Open Forum for Youth” text=”We provide a forum for young people to develop and express their opinions on European political and social issues in an open and welcoming environment.”]
[qode_image_with_icon_and_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-compass” icon_size=”qode-icon-tiny” custom_icon_size=”25″ title_tag=”h2″ title=”Intercultural Dialogue” text=”We support intercultural understanding and peacebuilding by bringing young Europeans with different backgrounds closer together to share ideas, opinions and practices.” image=”27255″]
[qode_image_with_icon_and_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-leaf” icon_size=”qode-icon-tiny” custom_icon_size=”25″ title_tag=”h2″ title=”Skills Development” text=”We present young people across Europe with diverse opportunities for personal growth and skills development through non-formal and peer-led educational activities.” image=”27230″]
[qode_image_with_icon_and_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-handshake-o” icon_size=”qode-icon-tiny” custom_icon_size=”25″ title_tag=”h2″ title=”Network of Changemakers” text=”We create a network of the next generation of diverse, young changemakers, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to positively shape the world around them.” image=”26094″]

Our Key Activities



International, regional and national sessions are at the core of the EYP’s non-formal educational activities, and consist of events that bring together over 30,000 young people every year. A welcoming environment and experience-based methodology offer participants a safe space to develop and express their opinions, build intercultural understanding and develop democratic citizenship skills.

2 With refugees

EYP with Refugees

The EYP’s continued cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency helps us involve young refugees and stateless persons in our events and bring the topics of diversity and migration to the forefront of our debates.

Power Shifts

Power Shifts

“Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy” is a project by the EYP and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft. By taking part in the project’s activities, participants learn ways of engaging and fostering the debate on energy in their communities, from a local up to a European level.

4. Training events in the network -NC Presidents Meeting

Training Events

The EYP network is run by young people, for young people. To make this peer-to-peer approach work sustainably, we support our volunteers and our National Committees with inputs and other resources needed to successfully run projects across Europe.


Youth-led Organisation

The EYP is a lively network of 40 member organisations – run by young people who jointly steer our programme. In the EYP, young people drive all activities and also lead the organisation’s decision-making bodies. They also act as moderators, organisers and facilitators during events. 


Network across Generations

We stay in touch with our alumni and cultivate an ever-growing EYP alumni network. Alumni stay involved with us in various ways – through our mentorship programme, as experts at our events and by facilitating a growing number of partnerships.

Our Reach


Each year, the EYP organises over 500 events in 40 countries and brings together around 30,000 participants from across Europe. More than 1,500 schools are involved in the EYP’s activities. 

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News from the EYP Network

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