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Intercultural Dialogue

Intercultural dialogue

The European Youth Parliament embraces and celebrates the diversity of the European continent, and is open to all young people across Europe. We want to reach youth from all cultures, regions and backgrounds and we strive to make our activities accessible to those who are facing obstacles. Our ambition is to provide a welcoming and safe environment for participation, learning and for taking responsibility.

[qode_simple_quote simple_quote_text=”“No matter what your background is, everyone is welcome and everyone is given an opportunity to participate in the European Youth Parliament!”” simple_quote_author=”Carlota (20), active volunteer in Portugal” quote_symbol_color=”#0e3963″]


Thanks to our cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), questions concerning refugees and migration have become an integral part of the EYPs debates at international sessions. We involve young refugees and stateless persons in our sessions, invite experts and encourage participants to engage with the topics based on their experience. Watch a video to find out more about our cooperation.