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What we discuss

Power Shifts – Reflecting Europes Energy:

What we discuss

Given the complexity of energy-related debates, event topics are predetermined by the thematic frameworks for each year so as to ensure consistency and diversity in the fields discussed. Concrete sub-topics are developed by EYP participants, reflecting the interests of the European Youth Parliament and current issues.

2018 – Challenges and Opportunities for Energy Governance

Participants debated the models of governance that are necessary to steer and shape energy policy in a sustainable manner.  The democratisation and decentralisation of energy policy-making was at the core of this section. Those who took part discussed finding a balance between maintaining competitiveness and affordability as well as ensuring safe, secure and sustainable energy.

2019 – Innovation in the Energy Sector: From Smart Grids to Carbon-Free Mobility

Technological innovations are key to meeting economic, climate and security objectives. EYP participants will discuss how societal equitability and cyber resilience can be maintained in a constantly digitalising energy sector. The key areas under discussion will be how to find a cost-effective way to transmit and store electrical energy at a large scale and to what extent and how carbon-free mobility can and should be supported.

2020/2021 – Energy in Transition: Strengthening Global Sustainability by Combatting Climate Change

Bearing in mind that energy use and production affect the sustainability of resources and, in the long-term, also the well-being of humankind, the final project phase emphasises sustainability through energy transition. Here, the discussions will evolve around the steps that decision-makers should take to ensure a comprehensive green energy policy with a renewable energy mix.