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Skills Development

Skills Development


For the many volunteers engaged in the organisation, the European Youth Parliament offers diverse opportunities for skills development, in particular through training and taking various roles within the organisation. Training is a key component of almost every EYP event, and we strive to hold a wide range of training events every year to ensure successful knowledge transfers. In order to support the personal development of the EYP’s volunteers and their ability to take up various roles and responsibilities within the organisation, the EYP organises capacity building training courses focused on a diverse set of skills, such as facilitation, leadership, communication, fundraising, organising, project management, inclusion, outreach, and intercultural dialogue. In doing so, the EYP prepares young European citizens not only to take an active role in our network, but to use these skills to benefit society as a whole.

Our Training Events


3. Summer Academyaa

Summer Academy

The EYP Summer Academy is an international training event gathering representatives from all 40 EYP member countries to support their work in their National Committees by providing training modules for their board members. The event is run every year and is supported by the Mercator Foundation.

2. Innovation Labaa

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is a platform for the EYP network to discuss its needs, suggest solutions and co-create improvements in various areas of our activities. Taking place in the frame of the Power Shifts project, the Innovation Lab strives to support the innovative spirit in the EYP. The event is supported by innogy Foundation for Energy and Society.

Power Shifts

Strengthening the EYP Network (STEN)

In order for the ever-growing EYP network to be sustainable, we need knowledge, resources and a fruitful exchange of ideas. That is why we run STEN – Strengthening the EYP Network. This project is financed by the EU programme “Erasmus+” as part of the KA2 framework for 2018-2020.

4. Training events in the network -NC Presidents Meeting

Training events in the network

The EYP National Committees and the International Office, supported by our partners, help develop the network through capacity building events that aim to equip participants with the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully run and develop projects in their respective countries.