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Innovation lab

Innovation Lab


Innovation Lab is a platform for the EYP network to discuss its needs, suggest solutions and co-create improvements in various areas of our activities. Taking place in the frame of the Power Shifts project, the Innovation Lab strives to support the innovative spirit in the EYP. Approximately 15 participants meet yearly in Berlin under the lead of one experienced Head Innovator to strategise and improve our work. 

In 2018, the participants gathered for the Media Innovation Lab to discuss the future of media teams, share best practices for editors, ensure better synergies between media teams and for the EYP’s PR work in general, and discuss how to better communicate the EYPs impact to the outside world.

Embracing innovation in the EYP network

The 2018 group of enthusiastic ‘innovators’ went far beyond discussions and ideas – they drafted a work plan and call for the establishment of the Media & Communications Council of the EYP to steer and support the work of media teams. Many Media Lab participants have been selected to take part in this newly established council. Future Media & Communications Council work will be focusing on:

  • Harmonisation of media and communications across the EYP
  • Supporting internal communication (for instance, collecting databases as well as tracking, mapping and updating useful communication materials)
  • Strengthening the External Communication Guide for the NCs