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Training events in the network

Training Events in the Network

In order for the activities of the immensely growing EYP network to be sustainable, the network needs knowledge, resources, and a fruitful exchanges of ideas. The EYP National Committees and the EYP International Office, supported by our partners, help develop the network through capacity building events that aim to equip participants with the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully run and develop projects in their respective countries.

Capacity building in the EYP covers many areas, from diversity and outreach, to communication and media, fundraising, organisation management, trainings for trainers, facilitators, and much more. Moreover, active EYP members publish guides to solidify existing knowledge and hold webinars to educate and spread good practices across the network.

President meeting

National Committee Presidents Meeting

The aim of these meetings is to equip the National Committee Presidents with the necessary skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to successfully run their committees. In 2018, we kicked off the first Presidents’ Meeting under the theme of ‘leadership’.

Head Organiser Summit

Head Organiser Summit

Head Organiser Summits are organised to foster project management skills and share best practices between present, past and future International Session organisers. As International Sessions are the flagship events of the EYP and laboratories for innovation in the network, it is crucial for the young volunteers who run them to be provided with opportunities for in-depth interactions, and to engage with topics that are fundamental to youth civic education as well as skills development.


Fundraising Summit

As a network of independent organisations, the EYP raises funds to support activities from several actors and partners. As most fundraising is done by our National Committees, we support our volunteers by forming a diverse range of partnerships with institutions, other NGOs and the private sector. As part of this work, the EYP organised its first Fundraising Summit and brought together volunteers from across Europe.

Diversity Lab

Diversity Lab

The EYP embraces and celebrates the diversity of the European continent, and is open to all young people across Europe. Our ambition is to provide a welcoming and safe environment for participation, learning, and for taking responsibility. The Diversity Lab is a practical event where participants learn how to make the network more inclusive of youth from all regions, backgrounds and cultures, as well as make EYP activities more accessible to those who are facing obstacles.