Call for Head Organisers for our Regional Sessions 2020

Dear EYPers,

The last few years EYP Norway has organised regional sessions around the country and we wish to continue this tradition in 2020. A regional session is a great opportunity to introduce hundreds of young students to EYP and our values, whilst being a place for Norwegian EYPers to try out different roles at sessions.

We are looking for 1-2 Head Organisers in 3 different regions.

After evaluating our 2019 regional sessions, as well as the board’s capacity to follow up the head organisers, we have come to the conclusion to limit our regional sessions to three per year wherever it is motivation and engagement to organise a regional session.

The regional sessions in 2020 will take place between January and March. The head organisers will, together with the Board of EYPNAA, find a specific date.

A regional session usually consists of:

  1. A CJO-day (Traning for officials)
  2. A day of team building and committee work
  3. A day of General Assembly

You can decide for yourself if you wish to organise a session alone or together with someone. Nonetheless, you will be able to discuss with other head organisers to share information and experience, as well as get inspiration for your own session. You will also get close follow-ups from the national coordinator from the Board. In other words, this is NOT a process you will go through alone!

We are looking for motivated EYPNAA-members who are eager to learn and want to take on the exciting role as head Organiser.

Former head organisers have left behind a database with guides for each city where a session has been held, with suggestions for venues, sponsors, schools etc. You can also get in touch with former head organisers to ask questions and get tips.

If you are interested apply HERE by 20th of June 23:59 CET. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact members of the board on Facebook or via e-mail Further information about the session concept can be found here: Sesjonskonsept RS – European Youth Parliament Norge

Best regards,

Marthe Macody Tufte Lund  

National Coordinator

European Youth Parliament Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA)